The final project of my MA degree in Animation Film @ LUCA School of Arts, Spin-Øff is a parodic take on corporate/institutional videos with some dystopian undertones. It is also a reflection on the aesthetics of propaganda films, modernism and the role of technology as an active agent in the shaping of the culture of our media-driven world.

imgsBlog-spin2The project revolves around a fictional institute and its quest to embetter the life of the individual with their proprietary technologies. For this purposes I designed the corporate identity and an animated “overview” video stating the mission/vision of the company, as well as three complementary animatedshort pieces to cover the products they develop. A corporate website and a targeted spamming campaign were also used to bring all these these elements together into a coherent  body of work.

imgsBlog-spin4During the research process I explored the origins of Propaganda; its links with documentary; the role of the  animated propaganda film as the most direct ancestor to the contemporary discipline of Motion Graphics and finally the evolution of war-time propaganda into peace-time PR and Advertising.

imgsBlog-spin3And thus, the conflicts between facts and fictions and promises of a better future exemplified through-out the history of propaganda became the frame of reference for both the visuals and the concepts behind the Centre for Perceptual Enhancement